Ionic-Swpie-All swipeup and swipedown do not get fired

Hello guys… i have a big problem.

i am Using the Ionic-swipe-all library because i want to use (swipeup) and (swipedown) but they somehow do not get fired at all. (swiperight) and (swipeleft) do get fired all the time. i do not want to use hammerjs, because it doesnt work on the current android versions.

any1 has an idea on how to enable (swipeup) and (swipedown).

that my code:

> <div swipeALL (swiperight)=“swiperight()” (swipeleft)=“swipeleft()” (swipeup)=“swipeup()” (swipedown)=“swipedown()” >dddddd


** console.log(‘right’);** //works

** }**

** swipeleft(){**

** console.log(‘left’);** // works

** }**

** swipeup(){**

** console.log(‘up’);** // doesnt work

** }**

** swipedown(){**

** console.log(‘down’);** //doesnt work

** }**

i feel like vertically swiping just doesnt work in Ionic Apps