Ionic Studio / Appflow Cancelable or Demo?

Hello Ionic,
I already tried to reach you via Ticket and Support, but i get no response for days now, so i try in here.

My company wants to evaluate if we can use IOnic Studio for our Project, but this depends on:

  • Is Ionic Studio able to use Custom components
  • Is Ionic Studio able to use Angular Only Components
  • Is our designer Able to work fluidly with Ionic Studio

This of course needs the software to be tested, especially becouse we have a given codebase which must work with Ionic Studio for it to be usefull. Sadly we coudn’t find any demo version of Ionic Studio.

Also we didnt find any information about the Ionic Appflow Abonemont beeing cancelable after a few months. It would be a huge wast of money, if we buy IOnic Studio to evaluate it, figure out it cant be used for our Projects, just to pay for x months becouse nobody said we coudnt cancel it.

So can we Please get the Information if Ionic Apflow can be canceld at any month, or if there is a demo version?

Hi there! The forum is not really the place for the kind of questions. Please either signup for studio directly here

Or click the “contact sales” button on the top. Our team will get in touch with you.