Ionic streaming media


I would have liked to know how to avoid opening this page when I want to play an audio element

In the end I used another provider, the system works correctly in my browser, but unable to get sound from my ios emulator.

Code :

readAudio() {
    this.file ='');
    // to listen to plugin events:
    this.file.onStatusUpdate.subscribe(status => console.log(status)); // fires when file status changes
    this.file.onSuccess.subscribe(() => console.log('Action is successful'));
    this.file.onError.subscribe(error => console.log('Error!', error));
    // play the file;

  playPause() {
    if(this.playIcon == 'pause') {
      this.playIcon = 'play';
    } else {
      this.playIcon = 'pause';;

Nobody for help me ?