Ionic Storage doesn't work after last update

Is there an issue with Ionic Storage? After last update storage.get() doesn’t seems to work at all.

works for me just fine

You did the update to 3.10.3?

oh sorry, no i didnt, but i will do now and tell you the result

Ok thank very much!!

ok, still works fine for me

I can’t understand what happened . Worked fine yesterday.

but what happens when you try to .get()?
is there any error, or null value, or what?

Nothing. Even the console.log prints nothing. Not even null or undefined

are you sure you are calling it somewhere?

Just this simple command print nothing:“CategoriesArray”).then(data => {

show me screen of your browser console and your code, how you call function, and how function looks like

I have this:
import { Storage } from “@ionic/storage”;

constructor(public storage: Storage {"CategoriesArray").then(data => {


and show me a screen of your entire browser console

Wait a minute!!! Suddenly it worked!!! I didn’t change anything. I just close and reopen Visual Code.

May be code had some update and after the restart fixed. I don’t know for sure, but now is working fine