Ionic state change reload is not working

Hello Sir,
I am using logout.logout I need reload the page, inorder to refresh the data.
$state.go(‘signin’); go back without reload

$state.go(‘signin’, {}, {reload: true}) also go back without reload
But it does not working to reload application.

I’m having the same issue. Hopefully someone can help out.

Was having the same issue. I solved it by replacing $state.go() with
$state.transitionTo(‘main.item’, { id: itemId }, { reload: true, inherit: true, notify: true });


updating the stateProvider with cache:‘false’

.state(‘main.item’, {
url: ‘/item/:id’,
cache: ‘false’,

The $state.transitionTo doesn’t make a difference, you can still use $state.go.

Setting the cache to false does work, but at the expense of performance. It would be nice to refresh on demand, or pull from cache as usual.