Ionic +sqlite working in browser but TypeError on real device


I am still working on my first ionic app, and again I am stuck with a problem:

My app uses SQLite to store data. I use: and

If I test the app with ‘ionic serve --lab’ everything works fine. No errors, the database is there, the data is ok…

But if I go and test it on an Android device ‘ionic run android -l -c -s’ I get the following error, and the application freezes:

0 779681 error TypeError: Cannot read property ‘transaction’ of undefined
at Object.execute (
at new (
at Object.instantiate (
at $controller (
at self.appendViewElement (
at Object.switcher.render (
at Object.switcher.init (
at self.render (
at self.register (
at updateView (

My app has 4 pages, and works with the ui-router. Every page has it’s own controller.

I am searching and trying since two weeks, but no chance…

Any hints?