Ionic + spring build

I am working on Spring Boot + Maven + Ionic + Cordova project. My Spring project is multi-module and I was wondering if I can somehow connect my Ionic/Cordova project with Spring Boot/Maven project in a way that when I run mvn clean install that it somehow builds Ionic aplication or runs it or anything like that. Im very familiar with both Spring Boot and Ionic and I really dont know if there is any way in which Maven can handle Ionic/Cordova project.
Many thanks🙂

:thinking: Not really sure to be honest.

I’d first look to see if Maven is capable of running npm scripts, if it is, then it’s just a matter of running the right build scripts there.

Maven does have npm scripts support but i was hoping that there is some specific capability in Maven for mobile (Cordova) applications for example SDK support for building or something like that. Thx anyway😊