Ionic splitview customization

can we have exaclty same splitview controller in ionic as in ios (i.e Listview as the first screen which is to be displyed to user and after clicking any item from listview it opens detail view in iPhone and in iPad both listview and detailview are aside each other). In current senario (i.e in ionic) first scrren which is displayed to user was detail screen and then after clicking toggle button listview appears.

We’re doing this now, but in a way that is not performant or cohesive in the way that one expects from ionic’s back buttons views and transitions. We’re going to have to roll it back and find another option or write something more robust. Bottom line is, how do you determine when to show what is essentially a split view vs a single view. When a user rotates a device to be in portrait after having been in landscape several scenarios come up: you may want the side menu to remain visible and accessible, in others you may want it to be hidden but remain accessible, in other scenarios you may want it to be both hidden and inaccessible. The many permutations of this mean that it isn’t as simple as one might think to achieve. Additionally it brings up the question of caching views and caching data. When the side view is out, you might want to cache the view or any downloaded data so that switching between options is snappy, but what if you’re going to the server with each click when you’re in a single view? Having your app perform different caching scenarios in different ui configurations can be a nightmare for data integrity. IMO, there needs to be more work on the ionic split view for it to be more useful in larger applications.