Ionic SMS plugin not working in dual sim phones

Hi, I have just tested the app which uses SMS plugin (ionic-native/sms) on several phones; and founds that the phones with dual sim feature and devices working on Android OS < 6.0.1 are not functioning at all.

Plugin work fines in single sim phone, whereas its not functioning on dual sim phones.

Thanks. Waiting for the solution.

Anyone, who can help me out ?


Actually, my phone can have 2 sim cards and plugin works fine. Version is Android 6.0 MRA58K.

Hi @FrancoisIonic, which ionic supported SMS plugin are you using in your app which is working in dual sim phone. Please share the details. Thanks.

@avaiskhatri It’s a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4+, international version. Chinese brand.


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@FrancoisIonic I have test on Redmi Note 4x international version, and it’s not working on it.

That’s great that you are app is working fine, so are you using SMS default mobile app or Ionic App to send sms?

If you are using Ionic App then, are you able to send using sim 2?

@avaiskhatri Strange, I’m using a Redmi Note 4 (not X version), and I use the ionic native SMS plugin inside my app. The issue is, it’s quite slow, but working well.

I didn’t understand what you mean by that sorry ?

If you are using Ionic App then, are you able to send using sim 2?

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I also had the same problem. And found the issue. Sim slot does not depend for selecting sim for sending SMS from an ionic app. It gets first inserted sim for sending SMS. for ex: empty your both slots in mobile and insert ‘x’ sim to slot 2 . after that insert ‘y’ to slot 1. Then the ionic app will send SMS using ‘x’ sim on slot 2. (This will happen only when your mobile cant select ‘default sim for sending sms’)

Is there is any solution to select the sim and send sms from the selected one?