Ionic slide item: Invoke action by sliding

On the app there is an ionic slide item. The item can be pushed to the side to reveal a delete action button.
This button has not only to be revealed, but also clicked by the user in order to invoke the delete action for that item.

Is it possible to invoke the delete button/action when the delete button is revealed by the user by pushing the item to the side alone? This would translate into being able deleting items by just pushing them far enough to the side - like what Apple does on the iPhone with the mail app.

Have you tried IonItemSliding ?

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The ionSwipe event looks very promising.
But it doesn’t seem to exist for <IonItemSliding>, at least not how I try to use it:

<IonItemSliding ionSwipe={() => alert('Test')}>
Property 'ionSwipe' does not exist on type 'IntrinsicAttributes & IonItemSliding & Pick<HTMLAttributes<HTMLIonItemSlidingElement>, [...]

ItemSliding events
Looks like it’s ionDrag not ionSwipe

Or take a look at the methods too, you can use getOpenAmount() to see “how open” the sliding item is

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you have full access to the underlying swiper API
Swiper API (


Thanks, I really appreciate your help. Though you probably confused the ion-item-sliding with the Swiper slider. :smiley_cat:

LOL yep… my bad - that is exactly what i did