Ionic slide box not showing at firtstime, need to resize and round rotation device to fix slide content

Hello all, I am still very new in ionic, I have a problem in one of my projects content more precisely in slideboxnya,

I find it difficult to improve the content, perhaps one of you can helps me,

ok directly only,

nah first time entered on the application, contains slidebox not appear immediately but need to resize and rotation round on android or other device

and in controllerrs

and in my service

thanks, am wait your’s answer guys…

at the end of controller function just place
before that ensure that you have injected $ionicSlideBoxDelegate to controller function

thanks for your answers…

in my controllers completed

.controller(‘HomeController’, function(HomeServices, $scope, $ionicSlideBoxDelegate, $ionicLoading) {
var _this = this;
_this.homeposts = [];
page = 1;

$scope.loadMore = function () {
    HomeServices.getPosts(page).then(function (response) {
        _this.homeposts = _this.homeposts.concat(;

$scope.myInterval = 5000;
$scope.noWrapSlides = true;
$scope.options = {loop: true};
$ = true;
$ = 0;

$scope.navSlide = function(index) {
    $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.slide(index, 100);


i’am use a $ionicSlideboxDelegate.slide(index,100) to next and previus slide,