Ionic-side-menus hides all my content

I’m trying to implement a side-bar on my app so I am able to store menu related options inside it, but my issue is that whenever I integrate the ion-side-bar-menu, it always hides my main content.

For example, Whenever I don’t add the side bar directives in my code, everything works as fine, even when I’m using the ionic-header-bar directives. But whenever I wrap my header bar inside the side-menu, everything outside of it disappears. Its as if the side-menu pushes or overlaps all other existing content unless I remove it from the DOM.

Refer to the screenshots below. I should be seeing the content to the right of the side-menu:

Thank you!

You need to put your content in the side-menu-content block. That’s where the content goes.

I’ve tried putting my slider inside the ion-side-menu-content block as shown in my pen and it still doesn’t show. This is assuming that I didn’t add the markup wrong

You’re missing quite a bit of markup. Here’s an updated pen:

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Yeah I see it now. I didn’t add my content correctly within the ion-nav-view. Guess the markup got jumbled when I did it. Thanks for your help.

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