Ionic - Shared Component Issue

In our project, we are migrating from Ionic 2 to 3 and we face the below issue :

If a component is imported as a “Shared” (shared/shared.module.ts) one, the default ion styles not getting applied on to ion tags. But, when this component is imported in only one page, the output is proper.

Out put given below :
Code that is placed : <ion-navbar color=“topnav”>

After rendering of the same code, if its imported in only one page :
<ion-navbar class=“toolbar toolbar-ios toolbar-ios-topnav” color=“topnav” ng-reflect-color=“topnav”>


Does SharedModule import IonicModule?

Yes! We have included the same but still the output is not as expected.

Thanks Rapropos! Now, we declared the same on NgModule and it worked fine! Thanks :slight_smile:

Could you show you working code here?