Ionic setup sass: The setup task has been deprecated


I am using the latest version of the new Ionic v2 CLI and I am trying to set up sass in a Ionic v1 project. All I am getting is this:

$ ionic setup sass The setup task has been deprecated.

In the docs for the CLI v2 I found that you can setup sass using ionic start myApp -sass for a new project, but how can I setup sass for an existing one?

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I have the same issue…

same problem what do we do

Open index.html in www/ of your ionic app.
The instructions are on the 11th line…
What you have to do is;

  1. run ‘gulp sass’ in the terminal whilst in your ionic app directory
  2. then uncomment link to href=“css/” in your index.html file
  3. comment out or delete link to href="css/style.css"
    NB: the file can be found in the scss folder in the root directory of your ionic app. Happy coding!!!