Ionic serve work fine in laptop, but debug apk not take web service . Why?


When i create debug apk in ionic 3 my web service data not populated. But work fine in laptop ionic serve. This debug apk work it before , suddenly this problem came … Please advise


What do you mean with web service? Like data that you are getting from an api?

In web service I got json data through provider call. please advise …

one of my web service url is : url with some post parameters

please advise

First: Check if you might have changed the url is still correct at all times inside the application. Next use ionic serve. If you application still works corret rebuild the apk and check if it works now on the phone.

If this doesn’t help, then

Second: Plug your device in your computer via usb. Then call ionic cordova run android -c. The -c flag enables live reload and reading of console logs. This way you can debug your apk. Try for example console logging the servers response.

First has no problem. In second case I have an android mobile , When I run the command

ionic cordova run android -c

it’s not work from there . please advise



Could you please provide the errors you are getting? Write them here please :slight_smile:

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No Error i did not get json web service data …

Could you please show us the code on your provider, the one you’re using to get the JSON data from your api.

May be a silly question but, is the device in the same network or there is an internet connection?