Ionic Serve taking too long after app-scripts update


Hey everyone, actually i just want to know if someone else is having this issue or it’s just me and it’s normal.
After updating Ionic to 2.1.18 and app-scripts to 0.0.48 i’m experiencing a delay on ionic-serve and in built apps.
When i save a file sometimes it builds the app more than once and it has no pattern.
Sometimes i save a file once and it builds 4 or 5 times, sometimes i save the file 10 times in a row and it builds once, like in the image:

this happened yesterday and, even saying that it took 199 s, actually it took more than 5m to ionic-serve reload cause you know it was 7 BUILDS.

And my apps now take more than 9s to bootstrap, and it was taking max 6 seconds, i even have to make a workaround because it was giving an error on android cause of the bootstrap time.

So is someone else experiencing this? Since the update is new i haven’t seen anyone saying something about this.


Hi, did you try with another ionic app to test if it also has the same problem.