Ionic serve tabs application - tabs doesn't work


I’ve just created the tabs application, using:

ionic start myApp tabs

After that I’ve tried to serve it simply:

ionic serve

In my browser I see the app, however, when I click on the tabs - nothing happens.
Also I have 404 for cordova.js , but as I understand it doesn’t affect the application ( ).

The key question is - do we able to serve the ionic application with tabs and check it in the browser, or we can test them only using the emulators? When I’m launching the app in the emulator - it works well.

Any thoughts?

Indeed the 404 on cordova.js isn’t related to your problem and is normal during development. As for the ionic serve command, it is meant to debug in the browser and is supposed to work the same way than in your emulator.

Maybe you could have modified the code between the moment you build the apk and the latest version that runs in the browser?

Well the cordova 404 is because when you build the app, the scripts add cordvoa.js to the appropriate platform. So it’s not in your www folder, but your ios and android platform folders only. This shouldn’t cause any issues.

As far as the tabs go, I just tried this myself and it works fine for me. Any chance you provide any more info?

Do you say, that in your browser the tabs are working fine?

Here is the video of my attempt: .

However, now I see it is working in the Firefox.
Does someone have it working in Chrome?


it turned out that the extension:

was redundant.

Hello , I have the same issue as you ,how did you researve the problem ?