Ionic serve in "demo" mode

Hi guys

I’ve been working with ionic a few months and it works great, but there is something I’ve trying lately without success.

I’d like to show to the client the current state of the app without too much effort, so I thought on serving the app with “ionic serve --lab” on my personal web server. The problem with this approach is I can not password protect the site, so I was thinking if there is any option on the ionic-cli I haven’t tried yet or maybe a better approach.

I know I could replicate the ionic-cli solution with a simple node server with basic auth, but maybe there’s an easier way.


Just copy the contents of the www folder to a folder on your web server.
Use a .htaccess file to password protect the folder.

Sidenote: this doesn’t give you the “phone-look”, but asking your client to resize the window gives the same effect