Ionic serve command can not view full apps

I downloaded this source code and should be able to run as a fully function apps.

However, what I saw is just the side bar. I convinced that the source code is fully functions as some other claims.
But what i saw is as below.
I run with ionic serve, not sure what has been missing.

Try on ionic serve --lab return the same thing.
Any ideas guys?

Try to change browser (just run ionic serve - -lab and paste the url in Firefox) and check if it works. Otherwise, use Firebug / Element inspector.

It is the same when I paste it on Firefox and Chrome.
I am sure it should load the apps perfectly.

Have you seen with firebug (or whatever) if the HTML generated is correct, if there’s something hidden or something else?

I am new to ionic and have never use firebug
press ctrl+shift+I looks noting anomaly

Do I need to install android SDK in order to get teh full view of the apps?

Nope. With firebug or element inspector are there javascript errors? ( Tab “Console” ). Anyway, have you ran “npm install” in the project folder to download the dependencies?

Yup, i have ran npm install into my project folder

I believe this is simply because you have a widescreen monitor. If you shrink the window down to a mobile size does that menu collapse and become usable like it should?