Ionic scroll not working when using ion-tabs

Hey! I have embedded a map in my application. This google map works fine and scrolls as expected but when Implemented ionic tabs in my application using ion-tabs then my map stopped scrolling.
My HTML code in below.
<div class="content-container" > <map id="map" center="-3.835100000,-32.40335000" zoom="5" style="height: 100%;" data-tap-disabled="true"> <marker id="" ng-repeat="beach in option.beaches" icon="img/marker.png" position="{{}},{{beach.lng}}" title="{{}}" on-click="showInfoWindow(event, beach)"></marker> </map> </div>

I have tried using ion-scroll but its not working <ion-scroll direction="xy" style="width: 500px; height: 500px; ">

I was playing little bit around.
so when i added style=“overflow-y:scroll” in the ion-scroll It started scrolling in vertical direction but when i added overflow-x:scroll nothing happens.
I am banging my head for a while on this problem and cannot find a suitable solution.