Ionic run ios stops at 22%

I’m trying to install an update of my app onto my device, but can’t get it to pass 22%, does anyone know how to debug that kind of behaviour?

It happened after installing ngCordova at stops at file “www/lib/ngCordova/demo/www/lib/ace-builds/src-min/snippets/smarty.js to device” 22%

I’m still experiencing this issue, any takers?

I’ve been having the same problem. I’ve just downloaded the ngCordova zip file, and wanted to run the demo app, so I used ionic platform add ios, then did ionic run ios, and it stopped at 22%, no warning messages, crashes or anything. I can just carry on using the terminal window. I tried it again and it went up to 39% and it won’t go any higher.

Anyone know why this could be happening?

Also the same.
My app works if I don’t use -lcs.
If i only use --device it is good but I need --lcs to see the logs…
I think it is related to Error when doing ‘ionic run ios’