Ionic run android failed, error gradle line 64

previously I can compile but after I updated my cordova something happened. I got this error when I run ionic run android in my CI :

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* Where:
Script 'C:\Users\Jay\testproject\platforms\android\CordovaLib\cordova.grad
le' line: 64

* What went wrong:
A problem occurred evaluating root project 'android'.
> No installed build tools found. Please install the Android build tools version
 19.1.0 or higher.

* Try:
Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --info or --debug
option to get more log output.

What could be the problem here? :cry:

Upgrade your Android SDK tools using the SDK Manager.

I already did. I even have higher version of SDK. Previously everything was working.

So what’s inside the build-tools folder where you’ve installed the Android SDK?

Had the same problem with Android SDK Build tools version 20.
Installing version 19.1 along with it, resolved the issue.


Do you have ~/Android/Sdk/build-tools and $ANDROID_HOME/build-tools?

I faced a similar problem. After I’ve installed Android Studio, my build-tools was installed only in ~/Android/Sdk/build-tools (declared in my $PATH too), but the MyIonicProject/platforms/android/CordovaLib/cordova.gradle was trying to get build-tools path from $ANDROID_HOME (in my case $ANDROID_HOME is in /opt/android-studio), and build-tools directory wasn’t here.

I solved it creating a symbolic link:

$ ln -s ~/Android/Sdk/build-tools $ANDROID_HOME/build-tools

Ensure yourself that you are linking using the same user and group of files in the target directory.