Ionic Resources creates no transparent assets


I’m getting frustrated now. :slight_smile: First, I had to tackle an upload error on my System where the ionic upload service didn’t accept PNG at all, then I found that I could upload AI or PSD, too.

With any of these attempts, I could not create an app Icon that has transparent areas. When I look into
all generated PNGs look fine, they are transparent. But when installing the compiled package (via ionic Pro) on my device, the transparent areas always are white! Am I overlooking something? How can I fix this?


iOS? iOS doesn’t support transparency.

I didn’t realize that. Fallback on opacity.

That only applies to app icons

No, i mean android icons. The app launcher on android and the task manager show a white background. In the resources folder /resources/android/icon there are PNGs with transparency.

how do they look in the apk?

whick upload service do you mean?

Well, no idea - how can I find out how they look in the APK? I presume, it’s the ones with the white background.

Regarding the Upload service: For PNG, ionic cordova resources seems to use I get the error

× Uploading source images to prepare for transformations - failed!

My System can’t upload PNG, everything else (AI, PSD) works.

Then try an online service like this one:

Great, thanks for this advice. I tried this out and gut a ZIP back. I will tell whether it works. I still need to find out how to configure the XML correctly for the files that abiro sent me back.