Ionic Record Conversations in phone

does someone know, how to create an app using ionic that can record conversations while phoning?
Help me~ thanks :smile:

I think you’re not supposed to ask people on this forum to create things for you. But other than that, to answer your question, use google voice.

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thanks for answer :smile_cat:


I’m not sure if you can catch the voice when you are calling as it is a separate process. You can record from the Microphone maybe, by using cordova-media-plugin.

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hi @Devniz i’m a try cordova-media-plugin , but i’m confused would the caller’s voice will recorded? oh if you have another opinion help me ok? :wink:

thanks for your answer :smile:

@RehatulAmbar I may be wrong but to do that I don’t think it’s achievable by only using Ionic. You probably will need to do something native and still the device witch will use you’re App will need to be root to be able to catch and redirect the internal calling sound. What I was saying it’s you only can record external audio source from the mic but internal like a call conversation, I’m not aware about any solution doing this.

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I have to try but yeah may be I will say to my boss that is impossible~ thanks @Devniz

Hi I got a solution. We can record calls with cordova-media-plugin plugin in android.
First install the media Plugin by executing the following command
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-media
Then goto the Plugin folder and traverse into the following file “plugins\cordova-plugin-media\src\android\” . Here in the startRecording function we have line
this.recorder.setAudioSource(MediaRecorder.AudioSource.MIC); line number is 154
Change it to this.recorder.setAudioSource(MediaRecorder.AudioSource.VOICE_CALL);

We can replace MIC with any audio source in the following link. for example VOICE_COMMUNICATION,VOICE_DOWNLINK,VOICE_RECOGNITION etc


I’d look into one-party / two-party consent laws too (if using in the US)

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Yes some countries have some restrictions to record conversations
Below link have some brief explantion.

If you have good knowledge in this share with us here.

In the US, the majority of states (around 32-38) are one-party consent states. that means only one person in a conversation needs to know that a recording is being made.

In two party states, both individuals need to be aware that they are being recorded.

BUT, it is illegal in all states to record a conversation that you are not personally involved in.

That’s as much as I know my friend

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Citation needed. I know Illinois in particular had a law that was used to prosecute people who were recording police activity and it was shot down by the courts. My understanding is that in most jurisdictions, you can record anything that takes place in a public space, whether you’re involved in it or not. Not that that’s particularly relevant for what’s being discussed here unless the app is being deployed in some sort of kiosk environment.

PS: I find EPIC pretty reliable for these sorts of things, and this looks like a pretty comprehensive resource.

I’ll rephrase to it is illegal to record any telephone conversation you are not taking part in. This = wiretapping.

Conversations that take place in daily life, yes, are subject to reasonable expectation of privacy.

Further, because it is a state by state issue, if an individual in TN (one party consent) records a phone conversation with someone in California (two party consent) they may be in breach of the law because the California native was not made aware.

These laws , as @rapropos mentioned, are further complicated when police activity is involved. Landlords too (personal experience citation goes here). Probably also not particularly relevant, but interesting nonetheless

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Hi, I have tried this method but nothing is happening .Can you please help me to get this feature in ionic 4.

Hi, did you find any solution for this?