Ionic React v6 IonDatetime - how to set the value with just the hours and minutes?

I’m trying to test out rc1 of Ionic React 6, and I’m having some trouble with my <IonDateTime> component.

According to the docs (ion-datetime | Ionic Documentation (, I should be able to set the time like this:


However, these simple values don’t work.

For example, I tried


And the year:


Both of these give an error:


   RangeError: Invalid time value
at generateDayAriaLabel (ion-datetime.js:664)
at getCalendarDayState (ion-datetime.js:855)
at ion-datetime.js:1625
at (<anonymous>)
at HTMLElement.renderMonth (ion-datetime.js:1622)
at ion-datetime.js:1646
at (<anonymous>)
at HTMLElement.renderCalendarBody (ion-datetime.js:1645)
at HTMLElement.renderCalendar (ion-datetime.js:1650)
at HTMLElement.renderDatetime (ion-datetime.js:1754)
at HTMLElement.render (ion-datetime.js:1788)
at callRender (index.js:1434)
at updateComponent (index.js:1372)
at index.js:1353
at then (index.js:1583)
at dispatchHooks (index.js:1353)
at Array.dispatch (index.js:1321)
at consume (index.js:2937)
at flush (index.js:2992) 

The UTC string does work:


However, I want to have an input that only shows the hours and minutes, so I don’t actually need to store the date, just the time. And I’m connecting to a Drupal site that returns the date as HH:mm, so if possible, I don’t want to have to process date information, since I’ll just be throwing it away.

How can I set the value using just the time?

Where in the documentation does it say that should work?

In the docs, under Datetime Data, it says:

Any of the ISO formats below can be used, and after a user selects a new value, Ionic Framework will continue to use the same ISO format which datetime value was originally given as.

Also, this is how it works in Ionic v5. For example, here is my component in 5: