Ionic react toggle menu in desktop

Hi all,
For ionic menu in desktop. I’m trying to handle menu control on desktop. But its not working. I want to toggle menu on desktop mobile both via button Like Can anyone help me to achive this?
IonToggleMenu is not working and menucontroller also not working. Can anyone helo me with this?

Just create a sidemenu project using the cli and look at the code how they are doing it.

ionic start testApp sidemenu

Hi ,
But ionic start testApp sidemenu does not provide toggle on both desktop and mobile. I have enabled toggle button on desktop but it’s not working. I tried ion-menu-toggle and ion-menu methods as well. But nothhing work. Even on internet I didn’t find any solution. I want to acive sidemenu like this. Layout Drawer | Quasar Framework.
By default open in desktop but can close sidemenu on desktop like toggle button.

Hi all, anyone can help me with this issue?