Ionic/react - Popover not showing when

I’m having issues showing popover when it is positioned on the same as item with an onClick event.
Here’s my code:

            onDidDismiss={e => {
              console.log('Popover for chapter actions selected.')

            button key={id}
            onClick={e => {
              props.history.push(`/some-link`, { heading .title, url: });
            <IonLabel slot="start">
            <IonButtons slot="end">
                onClick={e => {
                <IonIcon icon={more} />

Per the code above, when the icon to show the popover is clicked, i’m being redirected to the next page instead.

Did you try putting the onclick on the label and not the whole item?

According to the snippet, no. What I want to achieve is the ability to click on the item to view the page as well as the ability to view action options when clicking the icon.

so maybe try my suggestion… put a clicked event on the label and a click event on the IonButton and you should be go to go

Ok. That was what I Initially did before opt-in for onclick item. I reverted back to your suggestion as that’s plausible solution for now.
Thanks for your help and time.