Ionic React Menu issue

Hi, I am facing this issue that “split-pane-side menu-pane-visible” classes are missing on ion menu, I show then menu after user login in the app at that point these classes are missing but when i remove the login condition from the menu or reload the page after login menu works fine.
Can anyone know how to fix this issue? Sharing a piece of code.
Thank you

const App: React.FC = () => {
  const [islogin, setIslogin] = useState(false);

  useEffect(() => {
    setTimeout(() => {
    }, 5000);
  return (
        <IonSplitPane contentId="main" when="sm">
          {islogin ? <Menu islogin={islogin}/>:null}
          <IonRouterOutlet id="main">
            <Route path="/" exact={true}>
              <Redirect to="/folder/Inbox" />
            <Route path="/folder/:name" exact={true}>
              <Page />

export default App;