Ionic React Capacitor splash screen custom background color not changing in light or dark mode

I’ve created an ionic react application, than I’ve generated all required splash screen sizes for android.
My problem is that i am not able to change my light mode splash screen background color to (yellow or blue) just to test if it could be changed.

It always shows as white background color.

This is my capacitor.config.json


"plugins": {
		"SplashScreen": {
			"launchAutoHide": false,
			"androidScaleType": "CENTER_CROP",
			"showSpinner": "true",
			"androidSpinnerStyle": "large",
			"iosSpinnerStyle": "small",
			"spinnerColor": "#999999",
			"splashFullScreen": true,
			"splashImmersive": true,
			"layoutName": "launch_screen",
			"useDialog": true

Any help Please!