Ionic Pwa use cordova plugin by detect android Platform

Hey Guys i newbie with the Ionic framework, so currently i’m doing a PWA Project using Ionic framework and just notice that i cannot use Cordova plugin after installed to my device . i have done the research but can’t find the answer, so does it possible to use Cordova plugin such as Camera plugin when detect android platform?

Hi there

I think there are two things to think of (at least)

  • using Capacitor instead of Cordova, especially if Capacitor provides the plugins you need. Cordova isn’t known for support PWA features (irrespective if done on iOS or Android browsers). Cordova is known for building APK/IPA native containers to be installed on phones - which is different from a PWA
  • detection if the plugin you use is running on android or iOS may not be a necessity for the Capacitor plugin you use (and if it would, the plugin should take care of it), or any web SDK you are considering instead.

Even though not all web APIs function equally well across all browsers on all platforms

Hope this helps?



Hi @Tommertom ,

Thanks for the reply,

So I will just change the Cordova plugin,