Ionic Push: Retrieving push notifications using API call

Hi all,

I am new to ionic 2 and I am learning it. I am creating an app using this great technology and so far, I am able to send push notices from my account in The notices are also received correctly in devices. Right now I am creating a component to display all the push notices using push API call. For that I have written an API call using PHP and it works also fine except that it retrieves all push notices even those were deleted from Can anyone please advise how to view only those push notices which have not been deleted?

The api call I make is using PHP curl.

Thanks in advance.

Documentation for this endpoint lives here:

Hi Sujan. Thanks for the reply. I am using that documentation to code my script. I able to use /push/notifications (which I have already mentioned in my question as to retrieve push notifications. My question was how to get only the notifications which have not been deleted yet. The API call for /push/notifications shows several messages with message body as “Hello World!” while these messages are test messages which I have deleted several days back. I want to filter those old deleted message. Please check this API call demo page I created - You will see several old messages with message body as “Hello World!”


If the docs don’t mention a way to filter these, then there probably is none. Maybe you could try to filter these from the number of successful recipients or something that is returned?