Ionic Push notifications 400 error

I’m trying to add push notifications to my Ionic app. However, even though the request sends with the correct tokens, I inevitably get a 400 error?

Here is the code (designed to register, get tokens and send back a push notification):

app.controller('DashCtrl', function ($scope, $rootScope, $ionicUser, $ionicPush, $cordovaPush, $http) {
// Identifies a user with the Ionic User service

$scope.identifyUser = function () {

    $scope.user = $ionicUser.get();
    if (!$scope.user.user_id) {
        $scope.user.user_id = $ionicUser.generateGUID();

        // Register with the Ionic Push service.  All parameters are optional.
        canShowAlert: true, //Can pushes show an alert on your screen?
        canSetBadge: true, //Can pushes update app icon badges?
        canPlaySound: true, //Can notifications play a sound?
        canRunActionsOnWake: true, //Can run actions outside the app,
        onNotification: function(notification) {
            // Handle new push notifications here
            // console.log(notification);
            return true;
    }, {
        user_id: $scope.user.user_id,
        $rootScope.$on('$cordovaPush:tokenReceived', function (event, data) {
            $scope.deviceToken = data.token;

$scope.postFunction = function () {
    console.log("Running function");
        console.log("in device token");
        var authorizeString = "Basic" + " " + btoa("my private key + a colon");
        var postConf = {
            method: 'POST',
            headers: {
                'Content-Type': 'application/json',
                'X-Ionic-Application-Id': 'bb72e0a4',
                'Authorization': authorizeString
        var pushObject = {
            "tokens": [
            "notification": {
                "alert": "Hello World!",
                "ios": {
                    "badge": 1,
                    "sound": "ping.aiff",
                    "expiry": 1423238641,
                    "priority": 10,
                    "contentAvailable": true,
                    "payload": {
                        "key1": "value",
                        "key2": "value"
                "android": {
                    "collapseKey": "foo",
                    "delayWhileIdle": true,
                    "timeToLive": 300,
                    "payload": {
                        "key1": "value",
                        "key2": "value"
        $'', pushObject, [postConf]).success(console.log("Success!"));

Also, I can add users and see them on my dashboard, though it does display push as not configured in Also, I do believe I have all the correct dependencies as I followed the Ionic Push Quick Start.

Thanks for any help in resolving this problem.

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As you know an error 400 means a bad request detected by the server. There could be many reasons for this like wrong or missing parameters.
One way to know is to look at the server code and/or the server logs when you own it, so here maybe just ask Ionic Push support.

Thanks. Does anything immediately appear wrong with the object I am sending or the authentication?

Change a colon to an actual colon like “:” probably. Could you get it to work?