Ionic Push not working on Android

I am working on an app and need to use push notifications. I set up the push like described in the docs. First tests on iOS worked perfectly but now im trying to get it work on android.

I always get these messages in console:
13 728181 log Ionic Push:, register 15 729287 error Ionic Push:, (debug) unexpected error occured. 16 729290 error Ionic Push:, [object Object]

by googling I found only two topics where someone has the same output:

I tried multiple things like removing and re-adding the plugins and platforms.
When I stringify the [object Object] it is empty so i only get {} as output.

Is there someone who knows this error?


I have found out what the problem was. It seems to be an issue in the ionic-platform-web-client.

In the generated code in the file there is:
so when I run the app, always the GCM-Key is in there. Now to test I have set the senderID in this file manually and now it works.
Seems like the ID is not loaded from the package.json.


I had the same error as you. My issue was that I entered the wrong project number when I initially installed phonegap-plugin-push. To correct the number I replaced the wrong number here: plugins/fetch.json and here: plugins/android.json and I ran this command in the project directory “ionic config set gcm_key XXXXXXXXX”. I hope this helps someone in the future.


Hi , how to create push notification in ionic framework 1.7.16 using ionic io.