Ionic Push from Scratch "PushPlugin"

Update: Disregard. I removed and re-added the plugin and it seems to have worked now… (still not sure if Ionic’s Push from Scratch should be updated to use the new plugin)

I started going through the Push From Scratch doc here:

I realized it asks you to install the deprecated PushPlugin:

So I decided to try and install the new, maintained plugin and I get the following (on Windows 10):

ionic plugin add
Updated the hooks directory to have execute permissions
Fetching plugin "" via git clone
Repository "" checked out to git ref "master".
Installing "phonegap-plugin-push" for android
Error during processing of action! Attempting to revert...
Failed to install 'phonegap-plugin-push':TypeError: Uh oh!
Arguments to path.resolve must be strings
    at Object.win32.resolve (path.js:146:13)

I realize this probably isn’t an ionic specific issue and is most likely plugin related… but has anyone else seen this?


Seems as if I stumbled across all of this at a strange time. For anyone else in the same boat, it sounds like things are changing soon:

Arg! I was a mere 2 days early… everything looks much better now here: :smile: