Ionic Push - coldstart

Total noob question on push notifications. I’ve implemented the Ionic Push service and all is going well. I’m using the ‘dev’ mode currently to test it out and when I receive the notifications to my devices they’re appearing in the status bar (notification tray) on the Android device. Prior to testing the new service I was under the assumption that to have Android notifications appear in the status bar cordova devs needed to use local notifications. Is this because the ‘dev’ mode is bypassing the actual push providers (GCM, APNS)? Again, sorry for the ignorance on notifications. This is my first attempt at using them within an Ionic app. Thanks.

maybe the same problem?

Thanks for the response @bengtler. I’m not having an issue with the notifications appearing in the status bar/notification tray at all. My question is more about the general understanding of notifications in Cordova apps. I was under the assumption to display the notifications in the bar/tray, devs had to use the LocalNotifications plugin and schedule alarms to display them. So are the Ionic Push messages appearing because I’m bypassing ‘dev’ mode or should the push notifications appear in the background regardless? Again, apologies if that’s a little confusing and for my ignorance on push notifications. Thanks!

For anyone looking - I’ve removed the ‘dev’ flag from the $ionicPush.register() in app.js and notifications are coming through fine when the app is in the background, foreground, and closed (cold-start). The notifications appear in the statusbar/tray on several Android devices I’m testing on. That was my main concern, because I was led to believe this was only achieved with local notifications. So if I’m wrong feel free to share some insight on push notifications.