Ionic push calling notification

I have an ionic app which receives Firebase Cloud Messaging Notifications using phonegap-plugin-push plugin. This application has a calling notification dialog with “Accept” and “Reject” button. I am able to show this calling notification dialog when FCM notification is received. This works perfectly even my application is closed and not running when my phone is unlocked.

But i am not able to show calling notification dialog when the phone is locked. When FCM notification is received and phone is unlocked, I want to see the calling notification dialog. Can any one please help on this?

Here is my code in platform.ready()

  const options: PushOptions = {
    android: {},
    ios: {
      alert: 'true',
      badge: true,
      sound: 'false'
    windows: {},
    browser: {
      pushServiceURL: ''
  const pushObject: PushObject = this.push.init(options);
  pushObject.on('notification').subscribe((notification: any) => {
    const options: AppLauncherOptions = {
    options.packageName = 'com.myproj.ionic4fcm'; 


Use push notification when phone is unlocked.

Yes, I am using push notifications. It works fine when phone is unlocked.

But i am unable to show the notification dialog when phone is locked. I want to show the notification dialog when phone is locked.