Ionic Pro update process


I am have just started with Ionic Pro.

I was wondering if anyone could help point me out about the Pro update Deploy process.

I have managed to set up everything perfectly, my only question is…

Does the Pro update process only download effective files to the device?
So if they app is 200mg big and i change one piece of text, will the update only load the effected file?

Also, Does the upload process happen every time?, even if that device has updated previously?

Thanks so much


Is your app actually 200mb big?

Hey man, yeah well its not a conventional app. Its an in house app and the Corp client has lot of content thats available offline internally only.

Ive noticed now that the update doesn’t take long so i assume its only updating the latest committed files.

Just want to know if the app only updates if their is a change in the commit.


Some other guy was saying their app was like 400mb+, on closer inspection he was committing his node_modules folder! Was making sure that wasn’t the case.

In terms of new content I honestly don’t know how that would work with the deploy process. I would guess they’d include assets but I don’t know how incremental a process like that would be. I would be interested however if you work out how they handle that.

There is a school of thought that suggests perhaps that content of that size should not be part of your main app but brought in after the app has been installed with a ‘downloading content’ type thing. It would give you a lovely clear separation of concerns > content from app. Also it’ll give you a much more manageable payload for internal developers and the like, not to mention making it easier with stuff like github or your repo of choice.

Thanks man

Yeah i will experiment with bringing in lazy content.

I’ll let you know if i figure out the update process.

I might add the pro upload manually and run it with JS to use events and see it in more detail.


Okay last bit of advice re updating.

Don’t manually update via javascript! It’s a sure fire way to brick your application. If you introduce a bug in your javascript which means your updater code does not run you could whitescreen your app for good. Only then an update via the app stores would fix it.

Using the auto / background methods of deploy runs outside of javascript so you could deploy the worst update ever, and you’re only a few keystrokes away from winding it back or fixing by some other means, no matter the current state.

Ah i see.

Thanks for the advice man

Will do.