Ionic Pro not using correct Google Play Services Version

Please let me know if anyone else has experienced this and has fixed it.

I have an app that builds release on my local machine just fine. I push the app to ionic pro, and it builds just fine there. Then I go to package it. This is where the problem lies. It builds the android native package just fine all the way up to

:app:compileReleaseJavaWithJavac FAILED

It keeps telling me that

error: cannot find symbol

I did a LOT of searching and everything I found said that this was because of using an older google play service version than is required by the app or plugin. The problem compounds further with the unwillingness of the author of one my plugins being less than helpful and requiring that the plugin HAS to use 11.8.+

Anyone come across this while using the cordova-plugin-googlemaps?

Check out the platforms/android/ file, then you need to specify 11.8.0 for other plugins.

For example:


Also build.gradle file, you need to do the same thing.

dependencies {
    implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: '*.jar')
    implementation(project(path: "CordovaLib"))
    compile ""
    compile ""
    compile ""

On package build from the ionic pro dashboard? I was informed in an earlier email on another topic to include my platforms and plugins folders in my .gitignore. If that is indeed true how will those files push to the commit if they are being excluded?

What is the ionic-pro? Is that cloud building service?
If so, you need to folk other plugins you use in your app, modify them.

Ionic-Pro is the ionic framework platform for build apps in Android or Ionic, uploading your code by git, also i have the same problem, the platform do the build but fail :app:compileReleaseJavaWithJavac FAILED and we don’t know where change the play-services-maps and play-services-map-location