Ionic Pro: iOS build error


Today I’m trying ionic pro and the native build in case I will buy this service. It works great for Android. But there is a problem for iOS. I added a plugin OneSignal (work on Android).
But when the build with ionic pro begin, I get an error :

Installing "onesignal-cordova-plugin" for ios
Failed to install 'onesignal-cordova-plugin': undefined
Failed to restore plugin "onesignal-cordova-plugin" from config.xml. You might need to try adding it again. Error: CocoaPods was not found. Please install version 1.0.1 or greater from
--save flag or autosave detected
Saving ios@~4.4.0 into config.xml file ...
\e[91mFailed to upload ipa to storage please retry your build.\e[0m

It seems like there is no cocoapods installed, so I’m blocked… Anyone have a solution ? An after scripts maybe ?

Thanks for your help.

Obvious question but if they’re doing the building for you why are you using cocoapods?


Ionic Pro provide a service to create native build for Android and iOS on the cloud.
When I choose to create a build for iOS, the build is executed on Ionic server (I don’t know how it work).
The error log I posted is the output from their servers. I don’t know how to explain it… Their service does not have cocoapods installed, so some plugins cannot be added to the project during iOS building.

Sorry you have me at a bit of a disadvantage - I don’t know much about cocoapods.
If you don’t think you need it I suspect you have something within your project.json / config.xml calling it.

Another simple thing to try is creating a new application with just the default plugins and try to get that to build.

I will try this, only with default plugin

I spent a lot of time trying to come up with an inventive solution for that issue. It ended up being phonegap.

Any luck with this issue ? Are you able to make it build in iOS

With phonegap, yes. No problems aside from my build occasionally failing due to a faulty Apple developer certificate. Which does not happen the next time I build. Seems to be a random flaw with phonegap or Apple.

are you using IonicPro

Didn’t realize we were in 2 different chats. I’ll answer here too for good measure, that I also can’t build with Ionic Pro using Onesignal. I don’t use a Mac, so have to put the total product together using Phonegap.

Hi, but if you use phonegap, finally you don’t use Ionic Pro to get an easier build process ? Personally I use Ionic Pro to avoid install Android SDK and all others needed for iOS & Android build. But for now, only Android works well.

With PhoneGap, there’s no need to install Android SDK or XCode or anything. It just takes a zip file, and builds. You need to have an apple developers certificate and / or keystore info to build for the respective platforms, but no need to install Android Studio or anything.

It’s actually very easy. I would prefer to do it all with Ionic to keep it all in-house, but alas I can not build an app with OneSignal using Windows with Ionic Pro.

Ok thanks for information. Yes it would be better if we use Ionic service to build project.
I didn’t post the answer of support here, but there it is :

You’re seeing these errors because currently the Package service in Ionic Pro does not currently have support for CocoaPods. If your app includes plugins that require CocoaPods, you would need to instead run builds in a local environment with CocoaPods installed.

We have an open improvement ticket to add CocoaPods support, and we’re keeping close track on user demand. I’ll add your request to that ticket.

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Any news on that ticket?

Nop, I didn’t use Ionic Pro since

There is a solution now:

give it a try :wink:

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