Ionic prefetch config broken / $templateCache issue


I have a gulp build process that package all html templates in $templateCache to avoid http request in production.

I have configured the template prefetch to be disabled:

    // Disable prefetch, as we use $templateCache

However, when the app starts, it throws 404 by trying to get html templates (which are in the template cache).

It appears because my $templateCache templates are set up in a separate run block that is executed after ionic init run block. The thing is, even considering that it should not try to prefetch the template as I have disabled it… (It works in other apps not based on ionic).

Is there an issue with prefetch config, or have I overlooked anything?


Just to complete this, I found a workaround by defining my template bundle in a separate angularjs module, but this doesn’t change the fact that maxPrefetch setting does not work.