Ionic PopUp/select Issue

Issue -
If a popup’s ‘OK’ button is right above/over an underlying select option, then after selecting the ‘OK’ button of the popup, the select also gets called.

Sample Code -

Steps to reproduce issue -

  1. Click the button ‘Do Something!’ on the top left. You get an ionic popup.
  2. Click the OK button on the popup, the underlying select option also gets clicked.

Note -

  1. Use iPhone 3.5 inch simulator, in which case the OK button comes properly over a select option.
  2. If instead of select, there is a button below, then the button click does not occur (which should be the behaviour)

Any updates, anyone ?

Raised as issue on GitHub - Issue #1594

I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

The solution that worked for me is here -

Check the comment on Jun 12…

I am basically increasing the time after which the backdrop is removed. You will have to reach out for ionic.bundle.js for this solution. Search for ‘backdrop’ in this file and look for the ‘release’ function.

You can try this out