Ionic-plugin-deploy break ios build after state reset

Hi, I was having problems with ionic-plugin-deploy on my application. After install it the ios build doesn’t work any more. So I decided to create an empty project to test deploy and I find the same error after run “ionic state reset”.

1 - run "$ ionic start myApp tabs"
2 - edit package.json to include “ios” on cordovaPlatforms ( the state reset use this to install the platforms)
3 - run “$ ionic serve” ( just to generate the ionic.project, state reset need this file to run)
4 - run "$ ionic state reset"
5 - run "$ ionic plugin add ionic-plugin-deploy"
6 - run “$ ionic build ios” -> The build will stop, without say if has success or fail
7 - run “$ ionic build ios” again -> The build failed with :


    The following build commands failed:
            CompileC build/ HelloCordova/Plugins/ionic-plugin-deploy/IonicDeploy.m normal i386 objective-c
    (1 failure)
    ERROR building one of the platforms: Error code 65 for command: xcodebuild with args: -xcconfig,/Users/rootedy/Documents/ionic/myApp/platforms/ios/cordova/build-debug.xcconfig,-project,HelloCordova.xcodeproj,ARCHS=i386,-target,HelloCordova,-configuration,Debug,-sdk,iphonesimulator,build,VALID_ARCHS=i386,CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR=/Users/rootedy/Documents/ionic/myApp/platforms/ios/build/emulator,SHARED_PRECOMPS_DIR=/Users/rootedy/Documents/ionic/myApp/platforms/ios/build/sharedpch
    You may not have the required environment or OS to build this project

Here is my “$ ionic info” output:

Your system information:

Cordova CLI: 6.0.0
Gulp version:  CLI version 3.9.1
Gulp local:  
Ionic Version: 1.2.4-nightly-1917
Ionic CLI Version: 1.7.13
Ionic App Lib Version: 0.6.5
ios-deploy version: 1.8.4 
ios-sim version: 5.0.6 
OS: Mac OS X El Capitan
Node Version: v5.8.0
Xcode version: Xcode 7.2 Build version 7C68 

Does anybody has ionic-plugin-deploy working on ios?

Looks like Cordova 6+ breaks ionic-plugin-deploy. Revert to Cordova 5.x and build your project again and it’ll work. Took many hours of debugging to figure this out.