Ionic: Playing videos of .3gp and .webm format in iOS

I have below code for playing the videos from URL I,e sent from the server.

<video style="width: 100%;height: 200px;align-items: center;" src = "{{video_resume_link}}" controls>

Where the video_link is being loaded dynamically. In iOS, This code is capable of playing the videos of .mp4,.mov and may be few other formats. I have constraint where the videos may be also of the format of .3gp and .webm. But in iOS I’m not able to play videos of these(.3gp and .webm) formats.I have also tried Ionic Streaming media plugin , even that will only play videos of .mp4 and .mov format but not .3gp or .webm videos. So is there any way to play videos of .webm and .3gp format videos in Ionic - iOS.