Ionic performance or leak of memory


Hi, i’m making an app on ionic2, it work nice and smooth on android phone and ios phone, but it freeze a little on android tablet and it lag much on ipad…

What are ways to debug ionic performance? How can i track the possible leak of memory in my code? There are tutoriels for this?



Do you include the plugin for iOS in your app?


This is not unstable with ionic? Anyway i think i have a leak of memory in my code but i dont know how really track it…


I don’t think it’s unstable or I hope not, I use it in production/in store :wink:

Actually that plugin, if I understand correctly, gonna be soon shipped per default with the creation of new Ionic projects.

It really improve the performance on iOS, before spending hours, I advice you to give a try first, but only my point of view of course


How did you solve CORS problem? how did you set your config.xml?


Had to allow localhost in my backend

 res.setHeader('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', 'http://localhost:8080);


And if you have to access file on the device, just remove the ‘file://’ in the url of the file

file:///var/mobile/Containers/Dat... => /var/mobile/Containers/Dat...



That not really help, on ipad i get some weird errors en lags…



Strange, for me it really improved the overall user experience, my app is simply more smooth with WkWebView.

Don’t have any other ideas, sorry.


it’s seem useless to set Access-Control-Allow-Origin to http://localhost:8080 if you use cordova Http natif


I don’t use cordova Http natif, that’s maybe the difference


Or maybe it’s because my ipad has 512 MB ram and my app is a bit heavy ^^