Ionic page not shown properly after print-preview

I’m using this plugin Html-To-Printer in my ionic project. I have two pages. PageA and PageB.

1- First i push PageA
2- Then i push PageB
3- On PageB i press print button which shows me print preview
4- i close the print preview
5- press back from PageB, my page is cut from above, its not shown completely.

Following are the screenshots.

1- Push PageB

2- Press Print

3- Either save or cancel, its same after returning

4- PageA text is hidden

I’ve checked the page’s css by inspecting element, i found that before showing print-preview, page has margin-top: 56px

but when i return from PageB after showing preview, the top-margin of the page is gone.

When i close the print-preview, the CSS properties are removed.

Kindly, check it. Need Help !!!

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having the same issue - have you ever fixed it ?