Ionic package release error for ios building


I get the following error for my release build. It was working fine until yesterday (So, my certificates are fine). Also my development build works fine.

Ionic package output:


2017-05-12 09:01:31.148 xcodebuild[47405:39778319] [MT] IDEDistribution: -[IDEDistributionLogging _createLoggingBundleAtPath:]: Created bundle at path '/var/folders/kc/f8g8tr7n1054j1nzrkkvyzpr0000gq/T/LUXA_2017-05-12_09-01-31.146.xcdistributionlogs'.
2017-05-12 09:01:31.172 xcodebuild[47405:39778319] [MT] DeveloperPortal: Using pre-existing current store at URL (file:///Users/package/Library/Developer/Xcode/DeveloperPortal%207.3.1.db).
2017-05-12 09:01:32.595 xcodebuild[47405:39778319] [MT] IDEDistribution: Step failed: <IDEDistributionSigningAssetsStep: 0x7fa0f5c6b700>: Error Domain=IDEDistributionErrorDomain Code=1 "(null)"
error: exportArchive: The operation couldn’t be completed. (IDEDistributionErrorDomain error 1.)

Error Domain=IDEDistributionErrorDomain Code=1 "(null)"


Error: Error code 70 for command: xcodebuild with args: -exportArchive,-archivePath,LUXA.xcarchive,-exportOptionsPlist,/Users/package/workspace/apps-da1c4b72-168/cordova/platforms/ios/exportOptions.plist,-exportPath,/Users/package/workspace/apps-da1c4b72-168/cordova/platforms/ios/build/device

EXPORT FAILED on iOS build after update to Ionic 3

Welcome to a world of pain:

I think you should contact the Ionic guys about this.


Yes, it seems a problem in ionic cloud. Here is an issue about this.


This is not really a problem with any library, but the system behind Ionic Package. You used to be able to report these here,, but as you can read there you now should use this:


Done. Thanks.

Waiting for ionic team.


Just posted on the github issue, but I’ll repost here in case people are searching: we upgraded the default Cordova iOS version last night to 4.3.1 and it looks like it broke some release builds. I’ve moved the version back down to 4.2.0 for now while we investigate.