Ionic-orm no such column when table already exists

I’m trying to create query using create query builder function, but it keeps telling me whenever i try to search for a column that it’s not found, and i’m pretty sure that the column exists because when i print the table entity to the console, the column is there with the value i’m trying to search for, but it keeps telling me no such column

I’m using ionic-orm to connect to sqlite offline DB on phone storage


onShowFilter(event: MouseEvent){
const popover = this.popOver.create(SearchFilterPage);
popover.present({ev: event});
popover.onDidDismiss((searchObj) => {
  let connection = getConnection();
  let equipmentRepository = connection.getRepository(Equipments);
 let searchResult = equipmentRepository.createQueryBuilder('equipment')
 searchResult.then(res => {
  this.equipments = res;

searchObj data is right and i can get it fro search filter component successfully, i can search with _id, standard and serial_number but when i try any other column it tells me no such column!

I opened the DB and found out that the column i’m trying to search exists and with the values i’m searching for.

I tried dropping DB and creating tables from the beginning but i can see the same thing, same error.

for any questions or any info feel free to ask.