Ionic on Raspberry Pi 2 after startup (ionic serve) terminated

I need to autorun ionic serve after system startup on Raspbian Jessie.

Trying to add script to /etc/rc.local

I have this in /etc/rc.local:
sudo bash /home/pi/ionic/ contains:
ionic serve -s -b --address localhost > /var/log/ionic.log

Output in ionic.log contains start of ionic ending with ionic $ and there is no webserver on 8100 running.
If I ran manually, it works (on port 8100).

Second thing: if my contains only command ionic, without parameters, ionic.log contains only ionic logo created with Ascii chars and no other data (like list of orders).

Is there any way how to autostart ionic serve on Raspbian Jessie after system start?

Ionic cli version is 1.7.16

Output of ionic serve --address -s -b

^[[1m^[[32mRunning live reload server:^[[39m^[[22m http://localhost:35729
^[[1m^[[32mWatching:^[[39m^[[22m 0=www//*, 1=!www/lib//*
^[[1m^[[32mRunning dev server: ^[[39m^[[22m http://localhost:8100
^[[1m^[[32mIonic server commands, enter:^[[39m^[[22m
restart^[[32m or ^[[39mr^[[32m to restart the client app from the root^[[39m
goto^[[32m or ^[[39mg^[[32m and a url to have the app navigate to the given url^[[39m
consolelogs^[[32m or ^[[39mc^[[32m to enable/disable console log output^[[39m
serverlogs^[[32m or ^[[39ms^[[32m to enable/disable server log output^[[39m
quit^[[32m or ^[[39mq^[[32m to shutdown the server and exit^[[39m

ionic $

I do not use ionic serve, but I can use standard apache server on localhost and copy the Ionic project www folder to /var/www/…