Ionic not loading PrimeNG styles when android APK is installed offline

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well.
Currently I’m developing an app using Ionic v7, Angular and PrimeNG as the UI library and I have a problem. When I generate the android APK and I install it, all styles load normally only if the app is connected to the internet. However, when I install the application offline, none of the primeng styles load, only those related to ionic are loaded even though all primeng packages are installed in the node modules folder, in addition to this weird behavior, the application works perfectly on the browser in both online and offline modes. Is there a way to solve this problem?

Here are the images showing the difference:

Thanks in advance.

Have you checked Dev Tools to see where your app is trying to load the styles from?

You can go to chrome://inspect/#devices in Chrome to open up Dev Tools for an Android device being debugged.

Thank you for your help, I have inspected the app and found that the google fonts that breaks the styles on the offline mode.

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