Ionic ng-bind-html output empty string when json data is too long

I was looking for a solution of my issue but didn’t find any advices about it on internet.

What I’m doing :

I do a $http request to a drupal 8 REST view and then I show the result in my ionic application.
Everything was working fine with custom fieds like tags or number of likes but when I’m trying to do exactly the same thing with comments list I only see empty quotes in DOM within my ng-bing-html DIV whereas other fields are showing up perfectly.

When I look at the JSON request return by drupal using a browser RESTLET client I can see html data but a very long string with many “\n” and this kind of markup.

So my question is : is there a native limitation of character using ng-bin-html, if yes can we extend this? because I’m trying with only 2 comments but I can have up to 50 comments per article.

I can post some code example if needed.